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This group is for men and women to honor men in history, art, and everyday life.

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This group is for both women and men who appreciate men in various ways. What it Is NOT, is a group to treat men as sex objects or a place for them to be dissed. It's not a place to diss women either. (I'm a woman who has created this group out of honor for my grandfather who taught me the beauty of humans, whether male or female.) We may walk a fine line here, from time to time, but we can do it.

Feel free to write and seed articles of great men in history, sports, art, science, etc. (This includes the present as well, except for a few exceptions we'll discuss in the rule 3.) Anyone who's been a hero in the eyes of both men and women in the group is acceptable. Did you have or now have a role model in your life? Do you teach boys how to be exceptional men? Be proud of what you do to contibute to the lives of boys and men and share it. Feel free to share images, videos, stories, news, etc.


1) No bashing of either sex or sexual preference (this is for straight and gay men and women alike.)

2) No lewd jokes and images.

3) Let's not concentrate on present day politics. And If someone writes an article about JFK, we're not going to be discussing Democrats vs. Republicans--or president vs. president. This isn't going to be a "heated debate" or political group. (and if you're here as a troll, you will be removed!)

4) Always remember the CoH.

* Note: Don't look at this as a sexist group in any way. There are a lot of groups for women on NV that I belong to. And who says a woman can't create a group for and about men-- for women and men to enjoy?

I'm not familar with all the groups but I've done a lot of reading about them in the group directory. Unless I'm missing something, this group seems to be very much needed.

So what do you think? Feel free to just check it out (maybe put us on your watchlist) or join. You don't have to particpate to join. Do whatever makes you feel comfortable. Having said that, I'm going to send out invitaions and see what happens.